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Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

Family Service Worker
Devine, Chinn, and Garrett HS Center

Number of Work Weeks: 43-48

A.B. Devine, C. O. Chinn, W. E. Garrett Head Start/Early Head Start Center - 454 Trolio St, Canton, MS  


This is professional work performed under the supervision of the center Manager with work directives from the Director of Family and Community Engagement.

Employees in this position are responsible for family and child development through: building nurturing relationships with families; promotion of development of advocacy skills in parents; heightening parent awareness and practice of engagement skills for family/child development; and building effective and working partnerships with local community resources vital to the positive development of families and Working with children, families and communities will assist in empowering families with advocacy skills building and recognition of parents being the primary educator of children; promotes and assist in preparing children for future learning endeavors – (school readiness); and building of stronger communities. 

Work involves empowering families to identify strengths and needs central to positive family/child outcomes; heightening family awareness and involvement in the importance of community development and involvement; educating and engaging parents in the child's early childhood development process inclusive of: (education; health; nutrition and mental health development)


1. Work with content area experts in the areas of Family and Community Partnership; Parent involvement/volunteer; Healthy Marriage/Fatherhood initiative; Early childhood Development -(Education/Disability; Health; Nutrition; Transition/Mental Health) in the implementation/integration of a comprehensive early childhood development program' promoting positive child outcomes; school readiness; family engagement and family empowerment. 

2. Establish and maintain confidential and comprehensive records on all families and their children inclusive of: family service data; education; health; mental health and nutrition information. 

3. Objectively assess and identify the family’s status; stages of family development; strengths and weaknesses; and level of functioning by which to plan activities and develop strategies to address their concerns. 
18. Maintain accurate, up-to-date documentation of pre-assessment information; track and monitor family intake/assessment activities, etc. utilizing the ChildPlus data tracking system' 

19. Implement a case management system reflective of outcomes/achievements of families in the areas of: health services; nutrition; mental health and educational service areas that aides in tracking children’s and families progress throughout all service areas.

20. Ensure that each family/child is connected to "medical home" in the promotion of positive early child hood development' 

21. Ensure for timely follow-up for children in need of re-screening in the areas of: medical; dental; nutrition; mental health and education) in the promotion of positive child development/outcomes in accordance with Head Start performance Standards and the Parent' Family, Community, Engagement Framework' 

22. Ensure for the family's engagement in and understanding of the importance of good physical health of children in relation to early childhood development.

 23. Coordinate/monitor/review all health findings (medical; dental; nutrition) in the provision of timely follow-up and treatment services for enrollees' 

24. Ensure that all enrollees are in compliance with the Mississippi¡ state Department of Health’s immunization requirement.

25. Organize a local and functioning "Health Advisory Committee" in accordance with Headstart Performance Standards.

 26. Attend regular staff sessions and functions in the capacity of "Team Player” essential to the coordination, and implementation of a “Holistic Approach" to service delivery to children and families. This function ls inclusive of: having a positive relationship with staff and actively participation in the administrative process at the center level.

27. Speak before/communicate with large groups and the ability to effectively train others'

28. Perform other duties as assigned



Must be able to/have/be:

1. Knowledge and understanding of the Family and Community Engagement program; Head start performance standards; and the Parent/Family/Community/Engagement Framework'

2. Demonstrate the ability to work with others and to form positive working relationships.

3. Develop linkages with and partnerships with community resources'

4. Engage with and make long-term commitments to families'

5. Effectively counsel with families'

6. Implore a variety of problems solving strategies/techniques in working with families.

7. Analyze, aggregate and prepare statistical data relevant to tracking outcomes of families.

8. Working knowledge of the immediate community and available resources.

9. A knowledge of remote resources that are not located in the immediate service area'

10. Work from within a “Multi-disciplinary Team" approach/concept in the delivery of services to children and families'

11. Good interview skills/techniques'

12. Ability to "resolve conflict"'

13. Non-judgmental


A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or the Social sciences field and two (2) years of experience as a Social Worker. Any acceptable combination of education and experience may be considered.


1. Must have a valid Mississippi State Driver's License.

2. Must have access to an automobile with liability insurance.

3. Must meet approved minimal physical and medical standards.

4. Must clear the criminal background check as required by the Mississippi Department of Health Child Care Licensure Bureau.

Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 05/29/2024