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Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

EHS Floater
McCall HS/EHS Center

Number of Work Weeks: 38-40

McCall Head Start/Early Head Start Center - 300 Kirby Ave., Pelahatchie, MS 39145


 This is professional work performed under the direct supervision of the Center Manager. Duties involve assisting caregivers and cooperating in a supportive role carrying out developmentally appropriate activities. To promote the health, nutrition, mental health and education of infants, toddlers and twos; and to attend to their safety and welfare.


  1. Adhere to the Zero Tolerance Policy; as well as respecting children as it relates to the agency’s Standards of Conduct.
  2. Assist in making a safe and healthy classroom environment conducive to learning and free of health hazards, model and encourage good health and nutrition habits.
  3. Have the ability to become familiar and build relationships with all of the caregivers and the children.
  5. Possess awareness of the needs of each classroom; be alert and listen for calls for help or support.
  6. Rotate from room to room to provide additional support.
  7. Assist in cleaning and sanitizing of classroom furniture equipment, materials and supplies; as well as laundry.
  8. Provide a warm, nurturing, loving and positive environment, using positive guidance techniques from
  9. Implement activities, experiences and interactions with infants, toddler and twos from the guidance of the curriculum.
  10. Assist with meal service for infants, toddlers and twos as needed.
  11. Work with Center Managers in assisting Caregivers with breaks; specifically Caregivers that feed very young infants.
  12. Work with Caregivers to develop a collaborative approach that benefits all children in the classroom and meets the needs as specified on the IFSP; IEP in some circumstances
  13. Assist Caregivers in developing and utilizing daily plans, and other child records as applicable.
  14. Provide support to Caregivers in conducting child assessments and screeners.
  15. Assist Caregivers with recording and maintaining daily attendance and meal records for children.
  16. Actively communicate with infants, toddlers and twos and provide opportunities and support for them to understand, acquire, and use verbal and nonverbal means of communicating thoughts and feelings.
  17. Spend primary time in classroom/s of infants or classrooms that have children with special needs or other multi needs.
  18. Join professional early childhood organizations; and attend trainings as required.
  19. Perform other duties as assigned or required.


  1. Ability to relate effectively with staff/peer teams.
  2. Respect and maintain confidentiality regarding all children and staff.
  3. Ability to work effectively to infants, toddlers, their parents.
  4. Ability to use creative and innovative ideas in working with infants, toddlers, and twos.
  5. Knowledge and skills of child development and appropriate practices.


  1. Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or in a related field (18 hours).


  1. Must meet requirements per Federal Head Start Performance Standards and any local, state and or agency policies and procedures to include current immunization requirements; as well as physical and medical standards.
  2. Access to an automobile for making home visits and participating in recruitment/community assessments.
  3.  Must be able to attend in state as well as out of state trainings that may require overnight lodging; and seek out staff development opportunities for self.
Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 07/21/2022