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Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

Bus Monitor
L.N. Payton HS Center

Number of Work Weeks: 38

L. N. Payton Head Start Center - 298 Hwy 18 West, Bay Springs, MS 39422


Work is assigned and performed under the direction of the Center Manager. Employee is responsible for general duties and responsibilities necessary to maintain and ensure the health and safety of children while being transported to and from school. This is a responsible position that requires the individual to maintain accurate attendance records on the children. Work is performed under the supervision of the Center Manager.


 1. This position requires that the individual be physically able to assist the children in loading and unloading and when evacuating the vehicle in an emergency situation.

2. Assist Transporter in completion of daily sign-on & off sheets, accounting by name all children getting on and off the bus. Visually observing the health of each child on the bus.

3. Ensure all children are secured in weight/height appropriate restraints/car seats and while seated all adults use seatbelts.
4. Use appropriate communication skills with children on the bus. Ensure that any behavioral issues do not compromise the safety of children on the bus or the ability of the transporter to safely operate the vehicle.

5. Report all accidents promptly and assist with the preparation of a written statement as required. 

6. Provide First Aid when warranted by the situation. 

7. Assist the transporter with any emergency situation following all rules and regulations as they pertain to school bus safety and child health and safety. 

8. Assist with the disinfecting and sanitizing of the bus before pick up and after drop of children.

9. Ensure that the Standards of Conduct are followed at all times.

10. During COVID-19 ensure PPE is properly used to prevent the spread of the virus. Mask are required.

 11. Attend staff meetings and required trainings; submit appropriate documentation to supervisor as evidence of successful completion of training.

12. Work in conjunction with the assigned transporter.

13. Ensure that all transportation procedures are followed daily during loading and unloading of children.

14. Assist the transporter with keeping the inside and outside of the bus clean.

15. Responsible to do a walkthrough of the bus (looking for children and or other items left behind) prior to being dropped off.

16. Assist the transporter with evacuation drills and record the data.

17. Maintain positive communications with parents, transporters and site staff, relaying information to appropriate parties as needed. Assist with paper work flow between home and school.

18. Adhere to the agency’s confidentiality policy.

19. Engage the children in developmentally appropriate activities while on the bus that do not distract the transporter.



 1. Must be thoroughly familiar with transportation policies and procedures and safety      regulations.

2. Must be a good communicator and have knowledge of working with preschoolers (ages 3-        5), knowledge of appropriate behaviors and safety practices.

3. Must have basic knowledge of first aid techniques.

4. Ability to prepare and maintain a variety of records and reports.

5. Skilled in relating to children and parents and assuring safety of children at all times.

6. Must have good oral and written communication skills.

7. Must be familiar with Active Supervision of children.

8. Must have current CPR and First Aide certification.



Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Must be able to read, write and understand general information in carrying out assignment and must have some experience in working with young children.


  • Must meet the minimum physical and medical standards.
  •  Must ensure Personal Protective Equipment is used while riding on the bus with children to and from school. (Mask are required during COVID-19)
  • Ensure Cleaning and sanitation of buses are done prior to picking up children and after children get off bus.
  • Adhere to the agency policy on corporal punishment.


Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 07/14/2022