Job Listings - Friends of Children of MS
Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

Winston County HS/EHS Center

Number of Work Weeks: 38


This is a responsible position that requires the individual to maintain and operate a vehicle used for transporting pre-school aged children on designated routes to and from the Head start center and designated agency sponsored activities.

Work is performed under the supervision of the Center Manager.

1. Drive vehicle to transport children safely to and from a Head Start/Early Head Start Center according to a fixed schedule and route; check bus thoroughly at the end of the route to ensure no child remain on the vehicle.

2. Maintain vehicle in a safe-operating condition and keep it clean and sanitized at all times; report needed repairs immediately. Preform pre-trip and post-trip inspections.

3. Maintain required transportation records, i.e., destination, vehicle mileage, number of children transported, fuel and oil consumed; routine and other maintenance performed; and ensure license tag is displayed appropriately.


4. Report all accidents promptly and prepare a written statement as required; also immediately discloses all traffic violations to supervisor.

5. Provide First Aid when warranted by the situation.

6. Assist in establishing the safest and most efficient bus route.


7. Ensures that emergency equipment is available; in working order and stored according to procedures.

8. Attends staff meetings and required trainings; submit appropriate documentation to supervisor as evidence of successful completion of training.

9. Work in conjunction with the assigned bus monitors.

10. Ensure that all transportation procedures are followed during loading and unloading of children.



1. Must be thoroughly familiar with existing traffic and safety regulations.

2. Must have thorough knowledge of the service area.

3. Must have basic knowledge of first aid techniques.

4. Ability to prepare and maintain a variety of records and reports.

5. Skilled in relating to children and parents and assuring safety of children at all times.

6. Must have acceptable driving records for at least three years.

 7. Must be familiar with Active Supervision of children.

 8. Must adhere to the agency Standards of Conduct.


Must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Must be able to read, write and understand general information in carrying out assignment and must have some experience in operating a bus.


 1. Must have a valid Mississippi commercial driver's license (CDL) with the ā€œPā€ and "S" endorsements.

 2. Must successfully pass the agency road test.

 3. Must successfully complete the First Aid course of instruction provided by the agency within three months of the date of employment.

4. Must have an annual DOT physical examination and must consent to pre-drug screening and meet minimal physical and medical standards.

 5. Must have at least 20/40 visual acuity in each eye and have vision test for glaucoma, depth perception and presence of cataracts.

6. Ensure Cleaning and sanitation of buses are done prior to picking up children and after children get off bus.

Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 06/26/2024