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Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

Asst. Food Service Worker
Charles L. Young HS/EHS Center

Number of Work Weeks: 38



This is non-professional work; and provides assistance in all areas of food preparation according to a planned menu, serving infants, toddlers and pre-school age children, receiving and storing supplies; and in maintaining clean and orderly kitchen and equipment.


Work is performed under the assignment of the Food Service Worker and immediate supervision of the Center Manager.




1. Assist in the preparation of food; cut, peel, chop, slice, etc. various vegetables, meats, and other food stuff using routine and heavy duty kitchen equipment.

2. Assist in receiving and storing food and supplies in designated locations; help in maintaining accurate records and inventories.

3. Participate in cooking, baking, frying broiling etc. using standard or heavy duty stove at appropriate temperature and cooking time as called for by recipe.

4. Set up carts for meals and participate in serving infants, toddlers and pre-school age children breakfast, lunch and snacks.

5. Clean work area, equipment and utensils promptly in accordance with daily routine; wash, scrub, and store in neat and orderly fashion; and keep entire kitchen area clean, including floors, walls, appliances, and storage area following sanitary regulations.

6. Assist in writing menus in the Menu Production Book at least two weeks in advance.

7. Participate in staff meetings, pre-service and in-service training sessions as required

8. Attend all nutrition related training for cook-aides

9. Perform job related duties as assigned/required.



1. Knowledge and skills in use of all kitchen equipment.

2. Skilled in relating to children and parents.

3. Ability to follow detailed written and oral instructions in preparation of food.

4. Ability to read and write in preparation of inventory and other reports.

5. Knowledge of and skill in the use of cleaning chemicals, soaps, detergents, etc. in maintaining sanitary conditions throughout the kitchen area.

6. Mathematical skills and the ability to use a calculator.


Completion of a high school education; and must be able to read, write and understand general instructions in carrying out work assignments and, some experience in preparation of a large volume of food according to a planned menu.


1. Must have up to date immunizations as required by the State Health Department

2. Must be able to meet approved minimal physical and medical standards

3. Must be able to lift heavy objects

4. Must have an approved state and Federal background clearance.

Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 07/21/2022