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Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

Infant - Toddler Caregiver
Charles L. Young HS/EHS Center

Number of Work Weeks: 42-48

Location: 2211 11th Ave. Meridian, MS 39301


Professional work to be performed under the close supervision of the Center Manger. Duties include planning, coordinating and executing an appropriate program for infants, toddlers, parents and pregnant females in Early Head Start environment.


1. Maintain a safe and healthy classroom environment conducive to learning and free of health     hazards, model and encourage good health and nutrition habits.

2. Maintain and utilize space, relationships, materials and routines as resources for constructing an interesting, secure and enjoyable environment which encourages play, exploration and learning through appropriate learning centers.

3. Utilize a variety of equipment, activities and opportunities to promote the physical development of infants and toddlers.

4. Utilize activities and opportunities that will encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem solving appropriate to the developmental levels and learning styles of each infant and toddler.

5. Actively communicate with infants and toddlers and provide opportunities and support for them to understand, acquire, and use verbal and nonverbal means of communicating thoughts and feelings.

6. Utilize opportunities that stimulate infants and toddlers to play with sound, rhythm, language, materials, space, and ideas in individual ways and to express their creative abilities.

7. Help infants and toddlers feel accepted in the group (when appropriate), and learn to communicate and get along with others, and encourage feelings of empathy and mutual respect among infants, toddlers and adults.

8. Establish and maintain supportive environments which infants and toddlers can begin to learn and practice appropriate and acceptable behaviors as individuals and as a group.

9. Observe infants and toddlers daily for health and nutritional problems, and make referrals as needed.

10. Participate in and assist in the parent workshops.

11. Plan effective lesson plans (individual and group when appropriate) accurate and up-to- date records to reflect progress of infants and toddlers, prescribed activities and daily acceptance.

12. Maintain daily attendance records of infants, toddlers and parents and submit monthly.

13. Work cooperatively and effectively with the staff to provide activities, techniques and opportunities for parents to work with their young children.

14. Assign and supervise work activities of parents and other volunteers.

15. Attend staff sessions, empowerment sessions, conferences, workshops and conferences with parents for personal and professional growth.

16. Make home visits, conduct parent conferences and implement plans within the home for home-based clients (when appropriate).

17. Join professional early childhood organizations.

18. Attend community meetings which have an impact on the lives of clients.

19. Perform other related duties as required.



1. Ability to plan and execute the curriculum according to the prescribed program.

2. Ability to relate effectively to infants, toddlers, their parents, and pregnant females.

3. Ability to maintain and update accurate records.

4. Ability to use creative and innovative ideas in working with infants and toddlers.

5. Ability to express ideas clearly - verbally and in written form.

6. Knowledge and skills of child development and appropriate practices.



Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or in a related field (18 hours).


1. Must have current state of Mississippi driver's license.

2, Must comply with current immunization and state health requirement.

3. Must be able to meet agency approved minimal physical and medical standards.

4. Must have access to an automobile for make home visits and participating in recruitment/community assessments.

Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 10/04/2023