Job Listings - Friends of Children of MS
Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

Teacher Associate
Bryant Turner HS Center

Number of Work Weeks: 38

LOCATION:Bryant-Turner Head Start/Early Head Start Center- 215 Mississippi Drive, Waynesboro, MS 39367


This is professional instructional work performed under the supervision of the Center Manager.

Duties involve assisting the teacher in carrying out a prescribed program of enrichment experiences for preschool children, inclusive of those with disabilities, enrolled in the Head Start program. Incumbent participates in learning experiences to broaden capabilities, and takes part in the overall educational, recreational and sociological aspects of the program at the unit level. Important aspect is the provision of a variety literacy activities designed to improve literacy skills of the enrollees.


1. Actively participate in maintaining a safe and healthy unit environment, conducive to learning and free of health hazards; models and encourage good health habits.

2. Assist in organizing the learning environment into functional learning centers and ensuring that teaching aids are maintained according to procedures.

Provide assistance in planning, organizing, supervising and evaluating daily activities with teacher in a team effort to facilitate continuity and meet the individual needs of each child utilizing the classroom and individual lesson plans.

4. Encourage enrollees to develop good communication skills, verbal and nonverbal, that will allow them to express themselves to their peers and adults.

5. Assist in observing and recording on-going assessment data of each individual child; ensure that the NRS Testing is carried out in accordance with established procedures.

6. Provide opportunities for enrollees to develop and express their creative abilities; assist enrollees to develop positive self-concepts by knowing, accepting and taking pride in themselves.

7. Collect on-going assessment data by recording observation notes, anecdotal notes, and documenting Brigance Assessment information in accordance with established procedures.
8. Utilize on-going assessment data to develop and implement individual and classroom lesson plans. 

9. Provide-opportunities for children to develop good communication skills, verbal and non-verbal that ‘will allow them to express themselves to their peers and adults.

10. Observe physical and mental alertness of the children and refer unusual observations to the teacher.

11. Engage children in organized recreational activities to promote physical development by using a variety of activities and equipment.

12. Assist children with self-help activities as needed.

13. Lead some unit activities focusing on child outcomes, with the coordination and review of the teacher; be responsible for the unit activities in the absence of the teacher.

l4. Utilize behavior management techniques to encourage the orderly functioning of the children individually and in groups by enforcing unit rules.

15. Ensure food service activities are carried out according to HHS/USDA guidelines.

16. Establish and maintain a working relationship with the teacher, enrollees, families, volunteers and other staff. Make home visits, assist in conducting parent-teacher conferences; attend parent committee sessions as required

17. Seek out and take advantage of all opportunities for professional growth to improve his/her competency.

18. Work with other staff and volunteers to ensue effective operation of the program.

19. Perform other related duties as required. 



1. Have knowledge of a variety of children's games and play activities.

2. Have basic knowledge of developmentally appropriate practice in Early Childhood Education.

3. Must have the ability to relate effectively with children and adults. 

4. Must have the ability to accept instruction and supervision and proceed with duties as assigned or outlined.

5. Must be skilled in written and verbal communication -easy to understand, and ability to express self with confidence. 

6. Be knowledgeable of the Agency's philosophy¡ vision, mission, goals and objectives. 

7. Desire to participate in in-service and pre-service training and. receptive to such instruction to enhance knowledge, skills and abilities or advancement to teacher or other position.

8. Ability to work as a team member.

Have an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Development or related field; one year of teaching experience in an Early Childhood program.


l. Must have current Mississippi driver’s license. 

2. Must have access to an automobile for making home visits and participating in recruitment community assessments. 

3. Must meet minimal physical and medical standards. 

4. Must comply with current immunization and state health requirements. 

Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 10/04/2023