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Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

McCall HS/EHS Center

Number of Work Weeks: 38

McCall Head Start/Early Head Start Center - 300 Kirby Ave., Pelahatchie, MS 39145


This is professional instructional work performed under the supervision of the Center Manager.

Duties involve planning, coordinating and executing a developmentally appropriate program for a group of preschool children, inclusive of those with disabilities, enrolled in the Head Start Program. Important aspects of the work include involvement and coordination of volunteers, teacher associates/assistants, and others engaged in unit and related activities.



1. Maintain a safe and healthy unit environment, conducive to learning and free of health hazards; model and encourage good health habits.

2. Assist enrollees to develop good communication skills, verbal and non-verbal, that will allow them to express themselves to their peers and adults.

3. Ensure that the learning environment is organized into functional learning centers and encourage exploration, questioning, probing and problem solving appropriate to the developmental level and learning styles of the enrollees.


4. Provide opportunities for enrollees to develop their creative abilities to expand and extend their imagination; assist enrollees in developing positive self-concepts by knowing, accepting and taking pride in themselves.

5. Utilize Behavioral Management Techniques, encourage orderly functioning of children individually and in groups by establishing rules, setting limits and having realistic expectations.

6. Observe enrollees daily for health and nutritional problems; make referrals as needed.

7. Plan, organize, and evaluate daily activities with teacher assistant/associate to ensure effective and optimal learning environment.


8. Provide enrollees opportunities to promote physical development; use a variety of activities and equipment to enhance physical growth.

9. Conduct and record an ongoing development assessment of each individual child.

10. Ensure that meals are served according to HHS/USDA guidelines.

11. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records to reflect progress of enrollees and prescribed activities to maintain unit inventory of supplies and equipment.


12. Assign and assist in work activities of teacher associate/assistant and volunteers.

13. Plan and implement daily activities with teacher associate/assistant in a team effort to facilitate continuity.

14. Establish and maintain a working relationship with enrollees' families and volunteers. Make home visits, conduct parent-teacher conferences and attend meetings as required.

15. Train and assist volunteers in implementing developmentally appropriate activities for enrollees.

16. Prepare children to make visits to doctors, therapist, dentist, etc.


17. Seek out and take advantage of opportunities for professional growth to improve his/her competency.

18. Work with other staff and volunteers to ensure effective center operations.

19. Participate in conducting community assessment and other recruitment activities.

20. Follow transition plan to assist children with a smooth transition to public school.

21. Perform other related duties as required.



1. Ability to plan and execute a developmentally appropriate curriculum according to the prescribed program of providing enrichment experiences to children enrolled in the Head Start Program.

2. Ability to relate effectively with children and their families.

3. Through knowledge of implementing developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood programs.

4. Ability to express ideas and subject matter clearly.

5. Ability to coordinate work activities.

6. Ability to maintain accurate records.

7. Basic knowledge and concepts of Early Childhood Education acquired through specialized training and workshops.

8. Ability to accept instructional supervision and proceed with duties as assigned or outlined.


Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education or related field, or associate degree in Early Childhood Education and three years of experience in an Early Childhood Program.

MINIMUM: CDA with one year of work experience in an Early Childhood Program. Associate degree in Early Childhood Education or related field or three years college and CDA with one year of work experience in an early childhood program.


1. Must have current Mississippi driver's license.

2. Must comply with current immunization and state health requirements.

3. Must have access to an automobile for making home visits, and participating in recruitment/community assessments.

4. Must be able to meet approved minimal physical and medical standards as set for by the agency.

Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 07/21/2022