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Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc.

Center Manager
Devine, Chinn, and Garrett HS Center

Number of Work Weeks: 44

Location: Devine, Chinn, Garrett Head Start/Early Head Start Center - 454 Trolio Drive, Canton, MS 39046


Work is assigned and performed under the direction of the Director of Program Design and Management.

Work involves supervision of the teaching staff, maintenance staff, food service staff, transportation, family service and child service staff. Work is of an administrative and educational support service nature involving moderate to complex work methods and problems. Normally involves the application of initiative and independent judgment with reference to providing leadership and direction in assessing training needs of staff, volunteers and parents in all program areas. A major aspect of the position is to coordinate and direct the transportation and janitorial services and to employ the necessary safeguards and to protect the agency's property and equipment.


1. Approve time and attendance, travel and leave requests for center employees.

2. Assist in the interview process and recommendation of new employees.

3. Provides orientation to new employees, substitutes and volunteers in accordance with established procedures.

4. Evaluates center employees, substitutes and volunteers in conjunction with other appropriate staff.

5. Conduct investigations of accidents as required.

6. Ensure vehicles are kept clean and in good working order.

7. Ensure drivers conduct pre and post trip inspections.

8. Ensure regular preventive maintenance is done on the vehicles.

9. Ensure vehicles have current tags and insurance cards. .

10. Direct the activities of all center staff.

11. Ensure all activities center staff performs are according to their job description and agency systems, plans, policies and procedures. Ensure activities are approved and appropriate for young children.

12. Ensure staff have valid license and meet physical and health standards.

13. Implement the Agency's Human Resource policies and procedures.

14. Ensure 100% center enrollment is obtained and maintained.

15. Monitor attendance to ensure 85% is maintained daily.

16. Monitor daily activities to ensure that all needed services to children and families are provided.

17. Monitor food preparation and service to ensure that guidelines are followed.

18. Ensure center buildings and premises are kept clean and free of health hazards. Ensure that the center is sanitized and disinfected to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

19. Ensure building(s) and premises are clean and free of health hazards and meet all local, state and federal requirements.

20. Ensure PPE is available and accessible to all staff for infectious diseases.

21. Ensure staff is practicing social distancing when children are sick.

22. Ensure hand hygiene is practiced at all times.

23. Ensure all equipment assigned to the center is clean and safe to operate.

24. Conduct emergency drills as required inclusive of bus evacuations and maintain logs of activities.

25. Request and maintain adequate supplies and equipment for center operations.

26. Receive, store and distribute center supplies and equipment in accordance with established procedures.

27. Conduct and maintain inventory records and control.

28. Coordinate field trips according to agency procedures.

29. Ensure children and teachers are assigned to units according to agency procedures.

30. Conduct monthly center and bus safety inspections.

31. Maintains confidentiality of records.

32. Participate in bi-monthly staff sessions as required.

33. Attend and participate in County Council sessions.

34. Assist in conducting training assessment; conduct training sessions for parents.

35. Participate in pre-service and in-service training for staff.

36. Assist in scheduling health service appointments, including addressing transportation.

37. Screen CACFP applications for children's participation in the food program and determine eligibility status.

38. Monitor services in the areas of Early Childhood Development and Health Services, Family and Community Partnerships and Program Design and Management in accordance with established procedures monthly.

39. Report all vehicle, student and employee accidents.

40. Prepare and submit a written report of all accidents.

41. Maintain a log of all long distance calls and submit monthly as necessary.

42. Report to supervisor any need for maintenance and repair work of buildings, facilities that maintenance worker cannot correct.

43. Ensure the center operates the required number of days in accordance with the agency's schedule.

44. Collect reports, invoices, records, etc. required by the agency and submit to the appropriate department.

45. Prepare and submit a variety of informational and statistical reports as required.

46. Assign volunteer and in-kind quota to each classroom; screen volunteer time reports for accuracy

47. Provide instructions to employees on completing volunteer forms.

48. Train volunteers for assigned duties.

49. Ensure parent committees are organized and functioning effectively.

50. Serve as liaison between agency and community.

51. Share appropriate information with parents in accordance with established procedures.

52. Take an active role in community planning to ensure communication, cooperation, and sharing of information among agencies to improve the delivery of services to children and families.

53. Perform other duties relating to job duties as required.



1. Must be able to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.

2. Must be able to maintain confidentiality.

3. Ability to accurately prepare and maintain a variety of records and reports.

4. Must be knowledgeable of child development theories and best practices, classroom requirements and assessment procedures.

5. Must have the ability to navigate the Child Plus computer tracking system and other applicable automated systems used by the agency.

6. Knowledgeable of the agency's philosophy, vision, mission, goals and objectives.

7. Be knowledgeable of state and federal regulations for Head Start/ child development programs.

8. Must be able to establish and maintain working relationships with co-workers, families and resources.


 A Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education with a minimum of one year of management experience and three years of experience as a classroom teacher.


1. Must meet minimal physical and medical standards.

2. Must have approved State and Federal background clearance.

3. Must adhere to the standards of Conduct and Child Safety Policy.

Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 03/13/2024