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Facilities and Grounds Coordinator
Facilities and Grounds



This position involves the implementation of comprehensive maintenance of buildings, grounds and related equipment. Work includes the administration of a facility maintenance program, facilities licensing and inspections, renovations, preventive maintenance, repairs and negotiating service contracts. This work is performed under the supervision of the Facilities and Grounds Director.


1. Assist in the development of the component work plan, facilities standards and procedures, budgets and center improvement plans.

2. Implement plan for securing agency property and equipment.

3. Assist in monitoring contracts to ensure that terms of agreements are met.

4. Coordinate activities of the maintenance personnel and work closely with Center Managers to ensure that proper maintenance take place.

5. Assist in developing specifications for purchases and constructions of facilities and coordinate with the engineer/architect for renovations and repair of facilities.

6. Assist in identifying of resources to support the maintenance, construction and renovation of the agency facilities.

7. Conduct inspection of centers for licensing and compliance with all local, state, federal regulations and ordinances; for licensure. 

8. Coordinate with department personnel for the equipment and supplies needed to maintain agency facilities.

9. Assist in monitor and analyze budget expenditures to ensure services are provided in an efficient and cost effective manner.

10. Assist in monitoring purchases made on blanket purchase orders for supplies and materials used to repair agency buildings.

11. Prepare and submit reports in accordance with agency procedures.

12. Assist in identifying training needs of staff and conduct staff training as needed to maintain agency sanitation, safety and cleanliness standards.

13. Provide for maintenance and operation of waste-water treatment plants.

14. Perform other duties as required.



1. Thorough knowledge of Federal, State and local regulation, codes and guidelines pertaining to property and supply management.

2. Knowledge of common practices, methods, tools and materials of varied maintenance and construction work on buildings, grounds and equipment.

3. Ability to plan, organize and effectively coordinate the work of a large group of maintenance operations.

4. Knowledge and skills in contract negotiations.

5. Ability to coordinate facility services program with all components of the agency.

6. Knowledge of standards and procedures for licensing facilities. 


Completion of B.S. Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in the field of Vocational-Technical Education in Facilities and/or Property Management and two years of experience in a public or private organization. Any equivalent combination of acceptable education and experience where the desirable knowledge, skills and ability have been acquired will be considered.


1. Must have a valid Mississippi driver's license.

2. Must have MVR and be willing to travel throughout the target area in order to carry out job duties and responsibilities.

3. Must meet approved minimal physical and medical standards.

4. Meet Certification requirement for operating waste-water treatment plants.

Deadline: Until Filled
Updated: 08/14/2023